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Woke Babies Introduction ~ Natasha Rosetta Joseph

Hey Woke Babies Subscribers,

My name is Natasha Rosetta Joseph.

I am a Wife, Mother of 4 young kings and Founder of The Rose Arts London Dance, Drama School and Talent Agency.

I am honoured to say, I will be joining the Woke Babies Team, as a Blogger. (Yay!)

I am a strong advocate for English Literature and want to promote our youth to love and appreciate books, whilst having a broad understanding, to embrace words written on paper and use of their imagination to act out the picture.

I am excited to be joining Woke Babies, as they display the necessity of what children and adults need to see; Reflection! 

For me, it is important that The Arts, Literature and Culture are reflected in our society, allowing appreciation to be shown in:

  • What we Create
  • What we Read
  • What we Write
  • How we Speak positively about ourselves and Others
  • How we Embrace The Arts – Music, Dancing, Acting, Singing.

To see a true reflection, we have to embody it, and what better way, than to do, all of the above.

I am excited to begin this journey with you all and embrace one topic at a time.

Natasha Rosetta Joseph’s Quote of the Day:


“Education is the most powerful weapon, which you can use it to change the world” – Nelson Mandela


Have a blessed day,

Love, Peace and Hair Grease

Natasha Rosetta Joseph

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