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Woke Babies celebrates World Book Day by recreating some of our favourite books! - Woke Babies

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Woke Babies celebrates World Book Day by recreating some of our favourite books!

In Celebration of World Book Day, Woke Babies has recreated the covers of some of our favourite books! From a rapping princess to a monster slayer to superheroes. Woke Babies has every base covered this World Book Day!

Scroll down to see our incredible Woke Babies ambassadors bring their favourite characters to life and celebrate some of the best black children’s books in the UK!

Poesy the Monster Slayer

Cassidy recreates Poesy the Monster Slayer


Cassidy transforms into the fearless Poesy, a girl who needs no bedtime! As soon as her parents are sound asleep in bed, this monster slayer awaits the creatures in the night. With a few of her favourite toys, Poesy fends off a werewolf, vampire and many more monsters but there’s one thing she can’t defeat, her sleep deprived parents!


Was £14.99, now £13.49!

Jackson and the Hairstalk

Remai recreates Jackson and the Hairstalk,


In Jackson and the Hairstalk, Jackson sells the family cow for some tasty soup, and is very surprised by the hair-raising results! An adaption from the classic tale of Jack and the Beanstalk, Remai has brought Jackson and his gorgeous locs to life!


Was £6.99, now £6.59!

The Rapping Princess

Rimike as The Rapping Princess


A marvellous book to have on your shelf, our rapping princess is modeled by Rimike and she has Shiloh’s pose down to a T! The Rapping Princess tells the story of a princess who can do it all… except sing! In a bid to be just like all the other kids in the kingdom, Shiloh will do anything to become a great singer but along the way she discovers her true skill is rapping. Read along as Shiloh steps out of her comfort zone to find her voice and how to best use it!


Was £6.99 now £6.59!

I Am Every Good Thing

Kaius recreates the front cover of I Am Every Good Thing.


This powerful affirmation book by Derrick Barnes is a must have for every child’s bookshelf. This book is filled with powerful illustrations from Gordon C. James and Kaius has worked hard to bring this powerful front cover to life!

This children’s book is a love letter to black boys, a first-person story narrative that shows a young black boy to be a go-getter. An unapologetically black book for World Book Day.


Was £13.99, now £12.99, exclusive to Woke Babies!

Look Up!

Amelia recreates the front cover of Look Up!


Lift off with Amelia as Rocket! We follow our future astronaut as she slowly changes the world and how we all view it! Starting with her big brother Jamal, Rocket must convince him to stop staring down at his phone and to start looking up at the stars!

Numbers with Bella

Shaahkira as Bella from Numbers with Bella.

IG:_sr17_sr93 & shaahkiraimani

Shaahkira has turned into a maths whiz in Numbers with Bella with adorable afro puffs to boot!. This fun and colourful book is perfect for minis to teach them to count and learn their numbers! Lorraine O’Garro has created an exciting and inclusive early learning book.

Logan with Shapes

Kahmello recreates the cover of Logan with Shapes


In the follow up to Numbers with Bella, Kahmello takes on the cover of Shapes with Logan! This early years black children’s book teaches your little one all about shapes, presenting them in a fun and engaging way!

Bubble Kisses

Shaahkira becomes a mermaid for Bubble Kisses.

IG:_sr17_sr93 & shaahkiraimani

In Shaahkira’s second shoot she became a mermaid! This book, which comes with a CD (and QR code), will be sure to have you toe-tapping along to the catchy tune as you follow a story about a young girl and her pet goldfish’s magical kisses.


Was £14.99, now £13.59!

I Am Because I Choose

Kahmello recreates the cover of I Am Because I Choose.


For his second shoot, Kahmello has stepped into the role of a superhero who is all about celebrating the power of choice! In I Am Because I Choose, Patrice McLaurin’s book teaches the valuable lesson that only you get to choose the way you behave whilst highlighting the positives that stem from making good choices. This is a must have for all children this World Book Day, a great book for teaching your child about responsibility.


Was £12.95, now £11.99!

The Dream Team: Jaz Santos vs the World

Suraya recreates The Dream Team: Jaz Santos vs the World


Suraya has become Jaz Santos, the future footballing superstar! This relatable diverse black children’s book is all about family, unlikely friendships and girl power, a must have middle-grade book for tweens this World Book Day!


Was £6.99, now £5.49 on the Woke Babies website!

Stuntboy, In the Meantime

CJ recreates Stuntboy, in the Meantime!


CJ has embodied Stuntboy with his signature red cape and basketball shorts.


From the Carnegie Medal award-winning, Jason Reynolds comes Stuntboy, in the Meantime! Our newest superhero will save you from the baddies, or he’ll try to at least!


Was £7.99 now £7.59 on the Woke Babies website!

Tag us on Instagram, @wokebabies to show us who your child has dressed as for World Book Day 2022!

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