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Tween Kings & Queens

20.00 every month + p&p (Shipping calculated at the end of checkout)
8 -11 years
This Woke Babies box includes 2/3 age appropriate handpicked children’s books and unique activities per month.
First box comes with an awesome Woke Babies t-shirt!


Sign up before the 6th of each month.

All boxes are dispatched between the 16-20th of each month.

Customer signs up before our shipping cut-off, the 6th. They receive their first box between the 16th-20th  of the current month and are re-billed on the first of the following month, and the first of each month going forward.

Customer signs up after the shipping cut-off, the 6th. They are shipped their box between the 16th-20th of the following month and are re-billed on the 1st of the month after that. This will stop customers being billed twice before receiving a box.