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Diversify the books within your classrooms

Do all the books in your classrooms have images that reflect the world we live in?
When presented with the challenge of sourcing books for black children most schools focus and find books that are about history and social issues. Woke Babies would like to break this cycle and remind you that children like to read fun and engaging stories with black protagonist too!

But don’t worry we will do all the hard work so you don’t have to. We source and provide the best black children’s books that will not only diversify your book shelves, but also raise self esteem and ensure all your children will be engaged from start to finish.

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I Am
Every Good Thing - By Derrick Barnes

A Woke Babies must have! An empowering book aimed towards Black boys to remind them that they are every good thing. They are capable, smart, caring, and resilient...

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