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J.D. and the Great Barber Battle (paperback)


Written by J. DIllard

Illustrated by Akeem S. Roberts

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J.D. has a big problem – it’s the night before the start of third grade and his mum has just given him his first and worst home haircut. When the steady stream of insults from the entire student body of Douglass Elementary becomes too much for J.D., he takes matters into his own hands and discovers that, unlike his mum, he’s a genius with the clippers. His work makes him the talk of the town and brings him enough hair business to open a barbershop from his bedroom. But when Henry Jr., the owner of the only official local barbershop, realises he’s losing clients to J.D., he tries to shut him down for good. How do you find out who’s the best barber in all of Meridian, Mississippi? With a GREAT BARBER BATTLE!


A brilliant black children’s chapter book from the incredible J. Dillard.

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