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My Uncle and Me Book Review ~ Natasha Rosetta Joseph

Hey Woke Babies Readers,


BOOK REVIEW: MY UNCLE and ME written by Ashley Hinds and Illustrated by Candice McDonald


Family to me is important, as they provide the pillar of love, support, values and foundation for growth.

My Uncle and Me is a children’s literature book, introduced from the narrative of the nephew, displaying milestones shared, between him and his Uncle.

For us, reading is a firm staple in my household, the importance of storytelling and imagination resonates when reading, and the joy of interpreting the significance within each book given.

In support of our strong ethos around reading, My Uncle and Me was gifted to our eldest son Cam’ron, by his Godfather, which implants the care and influence that individuals around him, want to display and what better way than through literature.

A short book, which not only demonstrates a positive perspective of male figures of colour, but the aspiration of who they aim to become, welcoming individuality and enabling them to cherish that no matter what anyone else says, they are one of a kind.

Check out the book guys and encourage a little person today.

Suitable for children aged 3 years – 10 years old.


Natasha Rosetta Joseph’s Quote of the Day:


“Now if people get mixed up and call you someone else’s name, remember to tell them we are two different people, we are not the same!” – Ashley Hinds


Have a blessed day,

Love, Peace and Hair Grease

Natasha Rosetta Joseph

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