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Lambeth-wide book donation from Woke Babies & Tangle Teezer - Woke Babies

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Lambeth-wide book donation from Woke Babies & Tangle Teezer

Here at Woke Babies, our goal has always been to keep the art of reading books alive and not just any books but diverse black children’s books. We were delighted to team up with fellow Lambeth-based company, Tangle Teezer to donate over 30 books to every primary school in the borough. The books were carefully curated by the incredible teams at both Woke Babies and Tangle Teezer before packing them beautifully in navy blue book bags.


Woke Babies first team up with Tangle Teezer came at the start of the year, producing the Hairytales series in which classic fairy tales were reimagined with Black protagonists. The books came in a gift box paired with Tangle Teezer’s iconic detangler brush. After this successful campaign, we teamed up again to donate diverse, black children’s books to over 60 primary schools.


Woke Babies and Tangle Teezer’s goal is to diversify school reading lists, providing black children’s books that show positive and empowering black characters. CEO’s of Woke Babies and Tangle Teezer, Kelly-Jade Nicholls and Shaun Pulfrey believe that representation to allow children to see themselves in a positive light. It shows them that they can be the hero in a fairytale, an astronaut, a scientist and so many other things. By creating positive imagery it gives young black children assurance that they can achieve anything.

“Overwhelmed by this gorgeous arrival, what a gift to give a world of possibilities to our young people!”

– Henry Fawcett Primary


Allowing children to see themselves in a positive light through creative storytelling, allows them to build up their self-esteem whilst also developing a better understanding of their peers who differ to them, helping them build healthy relationships. 


We were extremely excited to be able to donate 30 books each to all 60 primary schools in Lambeth and the response back has been heart-warming, with one school responding “I can’t tell you the amount of staff who actually welled up seeing the books, seeing themselves, and wishing they had these growing up but ever so grateful this generation has them now.”


“One child, one teacher, one pen and one book can change the world”

 – Malala Yousafzai


The Woke Babies and Tangle Teezer teams shared mission is to ensure that books reflect the world we live in so that no child feels left behind and we’re looking forward to continuing that fight.

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