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Dragons & Dinosaurs

Check out our books on all things dinosaurs and dragons! Because our kids deserve books on how to roar like a dinosaur! 


In 1,2,3 Do the Dinosaur follow Tom as he teaches your child how to become a dinosaur, from the way they chomp, swish and stomp! By Michelle Robinson and Rosalind Beardhsaw. 

1 2 3 Do the Dinosaur By Micelle Robinson

In Do Not Bring Your Dragon to the Library, you see how disruptive a pet dragon can really be! He takes up all of the space in storytime with his big bottom and sets fire to the books! With words by Julie Gassman and pictures by Andy Elkerton, it’s a trip to the library you’ll never forget!

do not bring your dragon book

Never Show a T-Rex a book doesn’t just give an insight into having a dinosaur as a best friend, but also shows your little one the incredible power of books! With enough books, your child could become anything, an artist, a doctor, an astronaut, even the Prime Minister!

Julie Gassman and Andy Elkerton reunite to bring you one crazy last day at school with Do Not Take Your Dragon to the Last Day of School, learn about how much of a nuisance your pet dragon can be with only one day at school! He will get stuck in the basketball hoop, eat all your food and squash all of your friends!

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