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DIY The Very Hungry Caterpillar craft : Step by step

DIY The Very Hungry Caterpillar craft : Step by step !

Quick Easy Crafts For Kids of All Ages to Enjoy at home !
( You only need a few basic supplies for this caterpillar craft and it’s so easy but the end result is an adorable little caterpillar. )

Supplies needed

  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Construction paper ( Red, Black & Green )
  • Googly Eyes

Step One –

The first step is to get your little one/s to help you cut the Green construction paper into strips all the same size. You can cut as many strips as you like based on how long or short you would like your caterpillar.

You will also need to cut one strip of red construction paper. This red strip will be the head of your caterpillar.

Step Two –

If you’ve ever made a paper chain then making the caterpillar is very much the same thing. You need to create a circle with one piece of paper and staple the ends together.

Then thread another strip through the circle you just made and staple it just like you did with the first piece of paper. Keep doing this until you have created a chain of green circles stapled together. You then attach the red strip of paper at the end.

Step Three –

Now that you are done with step two it’s time to make the caterpillars mouth and antennae. Use the black piece of card to cut those out.

Step Four –

Now use the glue to add on the mouth , googly eyes and antennae.You could wait till the glue has dried to then bend the antennae piece upwards so that it sticks out over the head.

Then let everything dry, and then enjoy your caterpillar !

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